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The IBM zPDT technology is for IBM’s approved Independent Software Vendors (ISV) only. In order to purchase the zPDT solution, you must be approved by IBM. ITC will guide you through this approval and subsequent ordering process.

The IBM System z Personal Development Tool (zPDT) is a software-based application development tool from IBM for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) who have a need for a low-cost application development and demonstration platform for their commercially available products on System z. Specifically, zPDT is for IBM PartnerWorld members who are approved for the IBM System z Developer Discount Program and can receive System z Developer Discount offers (zDD).

The zPDT can enable a virtual System z architecture environment that allows mainframe operating systems, middleware, and software to run unaltered on Intel and Intel-compatible platforms -- such as Lenovo laptop or IBM System x server. No System z mainframe hardware server is needed.

The zPDT is not for any other use outside of application development for and support of application development for System z ISVs. For example, the zPDT is not intended for academia-related education purposes, not for Systems Integrators for software asset maintenance, and not for use for commercial applications and workloads.

The zPDT gives ISVs freedom of choice. With zPDT, ISVs already in the System z ecosystem can have the additional choice of adding zPDT to their development environments.
This new tool can be very useful in supporting:

  • Low cost IBM System z platform for ISVs’ application development and testing

  • Portable System z platform for training/education of ISVs product

  • Demonstration of the ISVs product by having a portable System z application demonstration platform

  • Support developers in remote or multiple locations where having personal zPDT system(s) is more efficient and cost effective than dedicating larger server resources

  • No need for a dedicated LPAR on existing systems

ISVs new to the System z ecosystem may now afford to have a virtual System z environment of their own and potentially open up their applications to new markets and opportunity.

Operating System support for zPDT
z/OS, z/VM, z/VSE, Linux for System z operating systems and their related middleware and software products are supported on zPDT. Specifically, IBM has tested with:

  • z/OS Levels 1.9 1.10
  • z/VM Levels 5.3 5.4
  • z/VSE Level 4.1
  • z/Linux Levels SLES 10 RHEL 5.2
zPDT Components
The zPDT consists of software (product number 5799-ADE) that is authenticated and enabled by a USB hardware key (zPDTA, product number 1090-L01, 1090-L02, or 1090-L03).

The zPDT comes in three system sizes: one, two, or three virtual engines (where the 1090 model number denotes the size of the zPDT system). These virtual engines can be defined as System z general purpose processors, System z Integrated Information Processors (zIIPs), System z Application Assist Processors (zAAPs), and System z Integrated Facility for Linux (IFL) (NO Integrated Coupling Facility (ICF)). The virtual engines can be enabled as separate uni-processors or as a multi-processor configuration.

The zPDT enables the z/Architecture and I/O only. Other products, like the underlying hardware, Linux operating system, or IBM software products, such as IBM Operating Systems, middleware and tools, are not bundled with the IBM zPDT offering and must be acquired separately and combined in order to create a working application development system.

ITC offers various UltimatePDT (uPDT) systems which provide a complete ready to use zPDT system solution.

zPDT System Requirements Overview
Several components are needed to come together so that the zPDT tool can be used effectively for a virtual System z environment:

  • An underlying 64-bit Intel or Intel-compatible system
    o 32-bit machines are older technology and typically do not have enough CPU cores, memory, or disk space to support LINUX, zPDT, OSes, and middleware
    o 64-bit machines provide much better performance

  • A 64-bit Novell (openSUSE) or RedHat Linux as the underlying operating system for the PC hardware
    o The ISV may already have an appropriate license of Novel or RedHat. If not, ISV needs to obtain appropriate Linux from Linux distributor

  • The zPDT application development software (5799-ADE) with a 1090 USB hardware key (1090-L01, 1090-L02, and 1090-L03, where the model number corresponds to the number of virtual engines)

  • Mainframe OSes or middleware
    o Can run z/OS, z/VM, and z/VSE operating systems and their related middleware and software products and tools
    o These have to be acquired/licensed separately unless ISV is already licensed for the various software

  • Required non-IBM (3rd party) software
    o Contact the non-IBM (3rd party) vendor for terms and conditions

Order your zPDT through ITC
ITC is an international information technology vendor with over 30 years of experience with mainframe hardware, software, and services. IBM has contracted with ITC to provide zPDT-based solutions to ISVs. ITC can provide you with a full zPDT system, called the UltimatePDT (uPDT), support, and a full range of services covering education, installation, customization, networking, and data management.

Because so many parts must come together to make a working zPDT application development system, it makes economic sense to consider working with ITC to build, supply, and support your uPDT system. ITC has performed extensive research & development towards the design/build/test of the uPDT system gaining considerable experience in the process. What does this mean to you? Upon receiving your uPDT system, you will be able to deploy it immediately within your organization and begin putting it to productive application development use without costly delays.

ITC’s uPDT system includes the selected hardware platform (laptop, desktop or server) you desire, the IBM zPDT technology ((1090-L01, 1090-L02, or 1090-L03 USB Hardware key) and the appropriate 1090 Code), Intel-based Linux (Red Hat or openSUSE), and the selected System z OSes and middleware (z/OS, z/VM, z/VSE). The ITC uPDT system is a complete ready to use system that has been thoroughly tested and built to meet your requirements.

ITC will provide you with Level 1 & 2 support for the delivered uPDT system for one year. ITC can provide additional services you require for your uPDT system.

The following comparison table provides information to help you decide between placing an order with IBM for the zPDT technology and placing an order with ITC.

Which one is right for you?


Ultimate PDT

IBM 1090 USB Hardware Key
IBM 1090 Code
IBM zPDT  Annual Subscription
IBM Approved Base System (Laptop, Desktop, or Server)  
Pre-Loaded Intel based Linux ® Operating System (Red Hat or openSUSE )  
Pre-Loaded IBM System z Operating System (z/VM, z/VSE, z/OS)  
Level 1 and Level 2 Technical Support
Optional Services (Installation, Migration, Training)

Next steps
If you are interested in obtaining IBM’s zPDT solution through ITC, we are providing the following information to guide you through our ordering process:
1. Provide your company, contact and email information through our website
     a. Required to obtain IBM approval and IBM RPQ number
          i. IBM intends the zPDT technology only for approved IBM ISVs
2. Upon receiving IBM approval and RPQ number, ITC will send you an email containing the following:
     a. Link to our secured website for placing your uPDT order
     b. Userid and password for logging in your account
     c. ITC contact information
3. Log in to the ITC secured website to begin configuring your desired uPDT system choices for:
     a. 1090 USB Hardware key (1090-L01, -L02, -L03)
     b. 1090 Code (dependent on which key you choose)
     c. System type (laptop, desktop or server)
          i. Memory (minimum 3GB)
     d. Choice of Intel-based Linux (Red Hat or SuSE)
     e. Choice of IBM ADCD (z/OS, z/VM, z/VSE)
4. Configuration and pricing review/confirmation
5. Place your uPDT order/submit payment
6. Receive ITC confirmation that your uPDT system order has been received
7. Track your order through your secured login

Click Here to begin your zPDT ordering process

Thank you for your interest in the IBM zPDT technology and ITC. We look forward to working with you.


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