ITC UltimatePDT Solution

The ITC UltimatePDT (uPDT) technology solution is a complete ready to use mainframe application development system for IBM Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). uPDT systems offer a robust, reliable and attractively priced solution to meet today’s requirements for the IBM System z mainframe development.

uPDT incorporates the IBM System z Personal Development Tool (zPDT) technology with state of the art Intel 64 bit IBM and Lenovo systems to work seamlessly with the Linux operating system and IBM System z software. The result is a low cost, seamless, fully capable mainframe computing system either for development or demonstration purposes.

The Power of z
The IBM System z Personal Development Tool (zPDT) is a software-based application tool that provides an affordable application development and demonstration platform for commercially available products on System z. The zPDT enables a virtual System z architecture environment to run in full capacity on Intel platforms - such as a Lenovo laptop or IBM System.

This new tool can be very useful in supporting:

  • Low cost IBM System z platform for ISV application development and testing

  • Portable System z platform for training & education of applications and Operating System environments

  • Demonstration of the ISV product by having a portable System z application demonstration platform

  • Support developers in remote or multiple locations where having personal zPDT system(s) is more efficient and cost effective than dedicating larger server resources

  • No need for a dedicated LPAR on existing systems

  • Complete control of your own environment without risk to others.

The zPDT comes in three system sizes: one, two, or three virtual engines and can be enabled as separate uni-processors or as a multi-processor configuration. These virtual engines can be defined as System z general purpose processors, System z Integrated Information Processors (zIIPs), System z Application Assist Processors (zAAPs), and System z Integrated Facility for Linux (IFL).

All Inclusive

ITC takes this one step further by creating an underlying image that meets demanding System z development requirements for reliability. ITC has performed extensive research & development towards the design/build/test of the uPDT system gaining considerable experience in the process. What does this mean to you? The uPDT system, is ready to deploy immediately within your organization for productive application development use.

ITC’s uPDT system includes the selected hardware platform (laptop, desktop or server) you desire, the IBM zPDT technology (USB Hardware key and the appropriate 1090 Code), Intel-based Linux (Red Hat or openSUSE), and the selected System z Operating system (z/OS, z/VM, z/VSE, z/Linux). The ITC uPDT system is a complete ready to use system that has been thoroughly tested and built to meet your requirements.

ITC will also provide you with Level 1 & 2 technical support for your uPDT system.

ITC Backup/Restore Application

Recognizing the importance of having a backup and restore facility that provides speed, ease of use, flexibility, and completeness, ITC has developed a functional and fast backup/restore application for the ITC uPDT systems. The ITC Backup/Restore Application is a menu driven product that works seamlessly to backup and restore the Linux/zPDT environment and/or the mainframe emulated 3390 volumes.

ITC provides this application on an external USB drive loaded with the uPDT backup image. The ITC Backup/Restore Application is also installed on all uPDT systems.

Users can utilize the application in two modes: The offline option is booted from the external USB disk drive and this facility can backup/restore both the Linux/zPDT system and the emulated 3390 volumes. The online option runs from the Linux/zPDT operational system and will back up the emulated 3390 volumes to the external USB disk drive.

This backup/restore facility is a basic service and should not be considered a full disaster/recovery solution. Customers should consider an alternate backup strategy, such as FTP to a remote system, in addition to this basic backup/restore facility for better redundancy and to avoid data loss.

Additional Information

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The following comparison table provides information to help you decide between placing an order for either the basic IBM zPDT technology or for the ITC UltimatePDT system.

Which one is right for you?


Ultimate PDT

IBM 1090 USB Hardware Key
IBM 1090 Code
IBM zPDT  Annual Subscription
IBM Approved Base System (Laptop, Desktop, or Server)  
Pre-Loaded Intel based Linux ® Operating System (Red Hat or openSUSE )  
Pre-Loaded IBM System z Operating System (z/VM, z/VSE, z/OS)  
Level 1 and Level 2 Technical Support
Optional Services (Installation, Migration, Training)

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Thank you for your interest in the IBM uPDT technology and ITC. We look forward to working with you.


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