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ITC’s Rational® Enhanced Development Device (ReDD™) is a complete, ready-to-use mainframe application development appliance for Rational Software clients. ReDD incorporates the Rational Developer for System z® (RDz) with state-of-the-art Intel® IBM® or Lenovo® 64 bit systems to work seamlessly with IBM System z® software.

RDz provides a single development environment for modern System z application developers. It utilizes the IBM Rational Developer for System z Unit Test (RDz-UT) feature, which is based on the IBM System z Personal Development Tool (zPDT™). The Unit Test environment is designed to enable a virtual System z architecture environment that allows mainframe operating systems, middleware, and software to run unaltered on Intel and Intel-compatible platforms.

Initially users had to install and configure RDz and the RDz-UT on two separate platforms. ReDD takes the guesswork from your clients by providing a solution that is ready-to-go once it’s unpacked. ReDD combines both elements into one system; no time is spent configuring or troubleshooting. Minimal System z programming is required. The result is a low-cost, fully-capable mainframe computing system for application development or demonstration purposes.

Configurations & Hardware
System ReDD is comprised of an Intel® based platform, the ITC ReDD Software Image™ (Linux® OS, zPDT™ code, IBM System z/OS® and products), and the ITC ReDD Backup/Restore application. System ReDD comes in three different configurations:

ReDD Mobile™

  • Enables the single developer to use the development system anywhere, providing mobility as required.
  • Lenovo laptop with 16GB of memory and a 500Gb hard drive.

ReDD Midrange™

  • Enables a small development team with greater processing capacity, more memory (greater than 16GB) and RAID-5 disk capacity.
  • IBM server with a 2.5GHz Six-Core processor, 24GB memory and 1.0TB RAID 5 disk space.

ReDD Enterprise™

  • Configured for larger development team requirements, ReDD Enterprise™ is deployed on a more robust IBM System x® server providing faster processing, larger memory sizes and faster disk I/O, as well as providing for zIIP or zAAP processing engines options.

  • IBM server with a 3.3GHz Six-Core processor, 44GB memory and 1.8TB RAID 5 disk space.


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